WorldAIDSDay---“Global solidarity, shared responsibility”

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Activity background:

December 1, 2020 is the33rd World AIDS Day. In order to actively response to the epidemic of AIDS and to perform the duties of health education,the school of public health ofSoutheast University  hosted a public welfare activity with the theme of global solidarity, shared responsibility to all students in Jiulonghu campus, Sipailou campus andDingjiaqiao campus, which attracted thousands of students to participate.

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, thisevent aims to spread knowledgeand awareness among young people to tackle the major infectious diseases worldwide, including COVID-19 and AIDS.within accordance with the theme, a series of interactive on-site activities were designed.

Activity process:

In the first part, students scanned the codes to watch the publicity videos teaching aboutrelevant knowledge, and then answered questions to deepen their learning impression.

In the second part, we made a red ribbon to express our determination to fight against AIDS as well as tosend respect and wishes to AIDS patients from afar.


In the third part, the two partners deepened their understanding of relevant knowledge vocabularies through a game named you draw,I guess.

In the fourth part, students won small prizes through passing the quiz.


After the event, the staff took group photos.

This plaza is among the series of activities themed by AIDS Day of Southeast University in 2020.

In addition, Professor Wang Ning from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention wasinvited to deliver a lecture to nearly 300 students onNovember 30th and December 1st, respectively. The lecture introduced about the development history of HIV/AIDS, global status, medical characteristics, which helped strengthen the students’ scientific understanding of AIDS prevention strategy and rational protection.

Thanks to the joint efforts of many parties, this World AIDS Day has come to a successful conclusion.The audiences of this event reached up to thousands of people, and they came to learn about AIDS and AIDS prevention through this special way.We trust that young people can make responsible choices, and we will make every effort to make sure that they see a safer path.