MPH(Global Health)

Brief Introduction of Discipline

Public Health and Preventive Medicine is one of the key disciplines of Project 985 and Project 211 in Southeast University. We persisted in cooperating with professors from multiple disciplines and focused on medical-engineering cooperation for establishing new technologies and new methods to solve the major issues of public health and preventive medicine. We aim at cultivating high-level compound talents in Preventive Medicine. The discipline of Public Health and Preventive Medicine ranked the ninth by the National Evaluation of First-Class Disciplines in 2008. At present, the discipline offers PhD program of first-class disciplines, post-doctoral research station, key first-class disciplines of Jiangsu province, key laboratory of environmental medicine engineering of Ministry of Education, and Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Biomaterials and Devices. Among the total of 44 teachers in the School, 80% of them had doctoral degrees, 61% of them had overseas research experience and 65% of them are professors or associate professors. In addition, some foreign renowned scholars were visiting professors of the school. The faculty members of the school have managed a group of national level research projects, including the key national projects, 863 programs, 973 programs, and national science-technology support projects. The total amount of research funds in the past three years was 54.33 million yuan. The faculty has published 216 academic papers which were cited by SCI, EI, authorized 14 invention patents, and rewarded 6 scientific and technological awards of government.

Training Objectives

Students will be able to meet the future needs of our national construction, adapt to the advancement of science and technology, grasp the basic theory and professional knowledge of their own subject; understand the technological status quo and developmental trend of their own subject, master the advanced technology method to solve public health project issues; meet the requirements of the socialist modernization and the development of modern public health, become the high-quality, comprehensively developed, and application-oriented high-level personnel in public health. With the quality education strengthened, its graduates not only have excellent theoretical competence and practical skills, but also possess a wide range of knowledge and abilities.

Research Direction

1. Public health management
2. Disease prevention and control
3. Environment and health
4. Community health and health promotion
5. Health law and health supervision
6. Nutrition and food safety

Thesis Requirement

(1) Literature Reading (for reference only, the same below)
  Students are required to read at least 20 literatures on topics related to their thesis and research direction, including 7 literatures in foreign languages and to write a literature overview.
(2) Thesis Writing
  In addition to comply with the provisions of school, thesis must be written in a systematic and complete manner, presenting clear concepts, correct argument, realistic description, correct calculation, reliable data, concise writing structure, smooth and concise writing style, and clear icons. The number of words of dissertation cannot be less than 20,000 characters generally.
(3) Thesis Evaluation

  The thesis should be written based on actual problem of public health and involved in site and population. The findings presented in the thesis should have practical significance and application value. The results in the thesis should be reference for the public health work. The thesis form may be a high-quality investigation report, a reasonable policy analysis report, or other research paper concerning solution for public health problem. Students are required to conduct at least one year research concerning the thesis topic.          
(4) Achievement Test Requirement
  At least 1 paper concerning the discipline should be published before applying for a Master’s Degree. The paper should be published in journals at or above the provincial level. First author and corresponding author of paper for degree application should be required of southeast university.