The School of Public Health Successfully held A Psychological Health Training Camp

Publisher:崔梦晶Release time:2020-09-18Views:251

With the intention of promoting students’ psychological development as well as practicing students’ stress-relieving strategies, a Mindfulness Decompression Training Camp was held by Prof. Jing Yang from the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene. Prof. Hong Zhang from the same department and Ms Qing Niu, the secretary of Youth League Committee, were also present at the training camp.

       Following the instruction of Prof. Yang, the students hadan in-depth talking with themselves by paintingwatercolors mindfully. Prof. Yang also organized the studentsto participate in an entertaining small game named “experiencingthegrowth of a sapling”, which was helpful for students to recognize the main sources of stress. Under such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, the students came to realize that the level of stress triggered from daily life not only differs from person to person, but also closely relates to the surrounding environment. Atlast, the students were invited to fill out a stress scale, and they would receive feedbacks on analysis of their stress description after the camp.

Studentsreportedthat this kind of activities triggered their interest in psychologyand provided them with effective ways to relieve the pressure caused by recent epidemic and worries towards future employment or postgraduate entrance examinations.The school will continue to actively promote the development of related mental health education activities in order to provide all students with timely and effective psychological support and aid.