School of Public Health Hosted the First Academic Salon

Publisher:崔梦晶Release time:2018-10-29Views:231

       On Oct. 26th 2018, the School of Public Health hosted the first academic salon at the faculty lounge. A group of over thirty professors including the administrative committee attended this event. Invited speakers included: Prof. Wang Xiaoying, a former visiting scholar at the University of CaliforniaProf. Zhang Ting, a former visiting scholar at Emory UniversityProf. Ma Chao, a former postdoctoral fellow at Yale University; and Dr. Wu Tianshu, who obtained her PhD degree in Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The speakers talked about their experiences of living, working, and cutting-edge research at those top tier foreign universities. They all shared their distinctive insights into strict administrative policies, exceptional teaching philosophy, and open cultural environment abroad, and encouraged other teachers to strengthen international exchanges. This event marks the beginning to enhance academic exchanges. In the future, the school will continue to launch a consecutive series of academic salons with multiple themesso as to improve the teaching philosophy as well as the quality of scientific research.