Jianqian Cao

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Basic Information

Jianqian Chao



Address:Room #612, Gongwei Building, Dingjiaqiao 87#, Nanjing

Research Interest

Prof. Chao’s major research fields are public health, social medicine, health Administration and hospital management. Recent researches focus on the elderly health management, project evaluation, community health service. The rapid increase in the elderly population not only greatly influences the development of the social economy, but also poses significant challenges to health care in China. Health management has been looked upon as a way to deal with these challenges. She evaluated the effects of community-based health management on the health of the elderly and conducted the evaluating methods research, especially in Bayesian Statistics. She carried out the study of the evaluation of health management effect with Bayesian Statistics in long term.

She has published many paper in SCI, EI and domestic core journals.
Recent major Research Project
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, grant number: 81872711, “The construction and application of the prediction model of cardiovascular complications for the elderly based on Dynamic Bayesian network.

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, grant number: 81273189, “The study of the model construction to the effect evaluation and application in the elderly health management”.

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China, grant number: 30771837, “The method study of community health management based on the elderly health evaluation”.

Biographical Information

Prof. Chao got her B.S. of Preventive Medicine in 1988, Master of Epidemiology & Health Statistics in 1995, and PhD of Management Science and Engineering in 2011. She studied in Public Health School, Beijing Medical University for one year in February 1989-February 1990.

She worked in School of medicine, Yichun University, Jiangxi from July,1988 - Aug,1992

She worked in Jiangsu staff Medical University fromJuly, 1995 - January, 2003

      She worked in School of Public Health, Southeast University from Feb, 2003 - now