Qian Xu

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Basic Information




Address:Room #103, School of Public Health, SEU, 87 DingJiaqiao, Nanjing

Research Interest

Qian Xu, doctor, professor, PhD supervisor. Her research focuses on food safety testing, environmental pollution monitoring and risk assessment of exposure to food contaminants. She has published more than 120 academic papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, among which more than 50 high-level papers have been included in SCI. Also, she has obtained 15 patents for invention and has cultivated more than 20 doctoral and master degree students. Whats more, she is the director of China inspection and quarantine society, member of the health inspection committee of Jiangsu preventive medical association. She is also a review expert for food safety standards of Jiangsu province. She hosted a number of national and provincial research projects and won the third prize of Jiangsu science and technology progress award, science and technology award of Jiangsu provincial preventive medicine association. She also has been rated as Jiangsu province scientific research talent of “six talent peaks”.

Recent Research Project

1.Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project approval number: 811727212012-01-01 ~ 2015-12-31,” Construction and evaluation of a sample pretreatment method based on the simultaneous extraction of multiple endocrine disruptors by functionalized polypyrrole nanofibersmat”.

2. Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project approval number: 814730192015-01-01 ~ 2018-12-31, “Adsorption mechanism and application researchof bimetallic solid phase extraction medium based on functionalized nanofibers ”.
3. Key research and development program (social development) project of jiangsu provincial department of science and technology , Project approval number: BE20156462015-07 ~ 2018-6, Quantitative evaluation technique and application of environmental endocrine disruptors to female reproductive tumor risk caused by dietary exposure .

4 . Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project approval number: 816731712017-01 ~ 2020-12 , Quantitative assessment of the risk of ovarian cancer associated with nonylphenol long-term low-dose dietary exposure .

Biographical Information

Prof. Xu, a Chinese Citizen, was born in Guizhou in 1968. She got her B.S. in pharmaceutical analysis from China Pharmaceutical University in 1989.  From 1989 to 1991, she worked as a drug quality inspector in Guizhou pharmaceutical company. After that, she went back to China Pharmaceutical University to earn the Master degree in pharmaceutical analysis in 1994 . Then she got PhD in biomedical engineering from Southeast University in 2010. Her specialty is Hygienic Detection. From 1994.8 to now, she worked in Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, School of Public Health, Southeast University as deputy director. From 2016.6 to 2016.10, she worked inSchool of Public Health and Hygiene, Yale University (New haven, Connecticut, USA) as a visiting scholar.